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Try these questions:

  • Have you been told that you snore?
  • Do you often wake up tired or unrefreshed?
  • Do you suffer from excessive daytime sleepiness?
  • Do you wake up choking or gasping for air?
  • Do you have trouble with concentration/memory?

If you have answered yes to any of these then you may be suffering from sleep disorder issues for which Oventus could be your answer! And here’s why –

There are many types of sleep disorder, but the one most associated with snoring is Obstructive Sleep Apnoea  or OSA for short. Millions of people worldwide suffer from sleep apnoea, where breathing repeatedly stops and starts. If you’ve identified that you suffer from problem snoring, or obstructive sleep apnoea, Oventus offers a solution that’s affordable and convenient to use. Most other solutions use cumbersome masks or large devices with tubes and pipes, the Oventus product is small, tailored to your mouth and very convenient to wear & use.

How Oventus works

The key to the Oventus system is the unique air channel that ensures breathing is maintained whilst gently moving the lower jaw forward. Because the Oventus device is perfectly tailored to your teeth and mouth it ensures an almost perfect seal to guide air smoothly to the back of the airway.

How Oventus Works To Stop Snoring 1300smiles Dentists


Take a look at what makes the Oventus device so different –

The Oventus sleep device is a true piece of innovative technology that’s compact and very easy to fit, use and look after. Helping to keep the airways clear and encourage breathing through both the nose and mouth air is directed straight where it’s needed. And because the lower jaw is moved slightly forward this helps increase the passageway and reduce obstruction.

Oventus Anti Snoring Device 1300smiles Dentists

The Benefits of Oventus over other sleep systems –

  • Truly affordable
  • Professionally tailored to your mouth
  • Adjustable for both comfort & function
  • Less obtrusive
  • No straps or fixings
  • No cables or wires
  • Completely portable
  • Makes no noise
  • No power required
  • Looks good – fits inside just the mouth not over mouth & nose

Want a better nights sleep?

Would you love to wake refreshed and ready for the day?

Is being banished to the sofa or spare room getting you down?

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