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Here at 1300SMILES, we strongly believe in offering our patients affordable, high quality dental treatments as we want everyone to experience the benefits of great dental health. When you visit our practice you can be sure of receiving the best and most appropriate dental care to restore your dental health, or to give you the smile of your dreams. We never recommend unnecessary treatments, and whenever possible, will provide you with a range of options, all of which will be fully explained to you without using lots of impossible-to-understand dental terminology. If you do need treatment we will always provide you with a written plan detailing the costs involved so you know exactly what to expect.

Why Should I Choose 1300SMILES?

In the past dental practices were privately owned, and would have limited staff numbers. Even today most traditional dental practices will have no more than five staff who are able to provide general and preventative dental treatments.

In contrast, 1300SMILES has one hundred and eighteen dentists with a support staff of more than two hundred. This means you will have access to many highly skilled dental practitioners and extremely well trained clinical and support staff. Whatever your dental needs, we have both the capacity and ability to provide you with high quality treatment. If you experience discomfort or have a dental emergency, we will be able to get you in to see one of our dentists, almost certainly on the same day or the day after.

We are super-easy to contact, just click our the Live Chat button below or call us direct whenever you need to come and see us, or if you want some advice from our friendly dental team.

What If I Need More Advanced Dental Care Services?

In addition to general and preventative dental care services, we are able to offer a wide range of more advanced dental treatments. These include cosmetic dentistry, treatments for periodontal disease (gum disease), endodontic treatments (root canal therapy) and paedodontics (children’s dentistry). If you wish to replace missing teeth we have skilled dentists and specialists who can offer you the most advanced dental implant treatments which has become a long-lasting and increasingly popular option with our patients.

If your local practice does not have a specialist practitioner then we can quickly and easily refer you to someone else nearby. This will be a dental specialist that we know and trust, and of course we will still be on hand to answer any questions you may have during treatment.

Will I Receive Personalised Dental Care?

Although 1300SMILES is a large company, We Care about you and value our patients and our local communities. We are able to offer you the kind of personalised treatments and experience you expect when visiting a local dental practice, but with all the benefits of being a much larger organisation. This includes access to easy, affordable payment plans, and arrangements with most private health insurance providers. Our aim is to ensure your dental visits are smooth and stress-free, and our dedicated dental staff work hard to make sure you are comfortable and relaxed.

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