Adult Orthodontics

Adult Orthodontics

Are you afraid to show your crooked teeth when you smile or talk? Do you struggle to brush and floss properly? If these issues concern you then it is possible you may benefit from adult orthodontics. We can use the very latest braces technology to comfortably and effectively correct a huge range of orthodontic problems, ranging from teeth that may be only slightly crooked, to more substantial problems caused by your bite or by teeth that are overcrowded or incorrectly spaced.

How Can Orthodontics Help My Smile?

1300SMILES can provide you with the very latest braces to correct a number of different problems. These include underbites and overbites, as well as crossbites and open bites. Braces can also correct issues with overcrowded teeth or teeth that are rotated or protrusive, and can close or minimise unsightly spaces in between teeth. We can design your treatment to make sure your teeth will be evenly aligned and will bite together correctly. We Care and want to give you the most amazing smile we can.

I Am Slightly Older: Can I Still Have Treatment?

It is never too late to straighten your teeth. The most important thing is for us to make sure they are healthy and strong before you begin treatment. We will be able to determine this during your initial appointment. 1300SMILES has helped many adults achieve beautifully straight smiles and our Treatment Vouchers make the process even more affordable.

Can I Have Invisible Braces?

You will be able to have braces that are virtually invisible. We know this is an important factor for many adults who may feel embarrassed about having treatment or who have a busy career meeting clients or customers. Over the past few years, braces have become increasingly sophisticated, using clear or ceramic brackets while the wires are incredibly thin and discreet or may be tooth coloured. Removable braces are very popular and use clear plastic trays that look very much like teeth whitening trays.

Will Orthodontics Help My Dental Health?

We know most people want to have orthodontics to improve their appearance, but the potential oral health benefits are well worth considering too. If your teeth are tightly packed in, then correcting issues with overcrowding will make it much easier to floss, helping to improve your gum health and reducing your risk of cavities. Closing up spaces in between teeth helps to get rid of food traps. Ensuring your teeth bite together evenly will not only make it easier to eat comfortably but will help spread the stresses created during chewing so your teeth will be less at risk of wearing down, chipping and/or cracking.

Can I Have Removable Braces?

Removable braces are suitable for many adults and there is a good chance they will be suitable for you. However, occasionally we will recommend adults wear fixed braces as these are ideal for correcting more complicated problems and can produce incredibly precise results. If we do suggest this option then it will be because we know these are the best choice for you, and we will ensure you have fixed braces which are extremely discreet. Fixed braces do require a little more care to keep them thoroughly clean, but it will only be for a relatively short while and will provide you with a wonderful smile.

If you still have questions about adult orthodontics, come and chat with us! You can book online or call us directly to arrange a time convenient to you.

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