Children's Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry

Our children’s oral health is so important, from the very young through to teens encouraging a routine of good practice in their oral health is so important, so please read on for our advice to help you from day one. Our children’s dental services focus on preventative dentistry, and we can work with you to help your child grow up with a beautiful, healthy smile.

How Soon Should My Child Visit A Dentist?

We firmly believe in starting professional dental care early and suggest you bring your child to visit us soon after they get their first tooth or by their first birthday. Although this might seem young, it is an excellent opportunity for your child to get used to our dental practice. In addition, we can give provide you with useful information on caring for your child’s teeth and gums at home and can answer any questions you might have regarding their dental care. It is essential to look after your child’s baby teeth; even though these teeth will only last a few years, they have a vital role to play in ensuring your child will grow up with a healthy and attractive smile.

What Will Happen During My Child’s First Dental Examination?

All of our dental teams are very gentle when seeing children, and ensure they are relaxed and comfortable before carefully examining the inside of their mouth. Their first visit is just an examination and will not hurt them. We can also professionally clean their teeth and take dental x-rays when required. Once our examination is complete, we can discuss any issues we are concerned about and treatment options, if necessary. We can also explain any treatments to your child as our dentists are excellent at talking to children and will use language they find easy to understand. Our dentists will also answer any questions your child might have about their treatment and dental care as it is our aim to ensure they find their dental visits as educational and entertaining as possible.

Should My Child Have Fluoride Treatments?

Fluoride is useful in hardening and protecting young teeth and preventing tooth decay. We can talk to you about how much fluoride your child requires as it is important to make sure they receive just the right amount. Fluoride may be in the form of fluoride toothpaste or during professional fluoride treatments that can applied quickly and painlessly in our dental practice as part of their regular dental examinations.

Can You Teach My Child How To Look After Their Teeth?

As part of their preventative dental care plan, we can work with your child as they grow older and begin to brush and floss on their own. We will teach them how to brush and floss properly, helping them to build healthy habits we hope will stay with them for life. Our friendly dental team can also explain why looking after your teeth and gums is essential, and we can talk to them about the importance of having a healthy diet.

How Often Should My Child Visit A Dentist At 1300SMILES?

Our dentists like to see children every six months, but if we feel your child will benefit from more frequent checks, then we can discuss this with you during their first visit. Regular checks help us to keep a close eye on their dental health which can change quite quickly as they grow and develop. By monitoring them regularly, we can pick up on any problems at an early stage, and before they cause any discomfort or pain to your child. We Care deeply about your child’s dental health, and regular examinations are a vital part of their preventative dental plan.

Will My Child Need Dental X-Rays At Every Visit?

The frequency of dental x-rays depends on your child’s risk of developing dental problems. Dental x-rays are invaluable for showing us any areas of concern that are hidden from view and allow us to diagnose dental problems quickly and accurately, so we can provide the most suitable treatment to relieve any discomfort. We will only ever take x-rays when it is necessary. Our practices are equipped with the very latest in digital dental x-ray technology, and every precaution is made to keep them safe during this treatment.

Can You Prevent My Child From Developing Tooth Decay?

We assess every child’s risk of developing tooth decay so that we can provide a customised treatment plan, and we will do everything we can to help prevent cavities. One way we can do this is through using fissure sealants. These consist of a thin plastic coating that is painted onto the chewing surfaces of newly emerged adult back teeth. By sealing these vulnerable surfaces, we can prevent tooth decay, but it is important to seal these teeth before decay can develop as this treatment can only be used on healthy teeth. Some children may also benefit from having their milk teeth sealed, and we can discuss this with you if we feel it will be helpful for your child. This may be the case if their baby teeth have very deep grooves and fissures that are tricky to keep clean and where tooth decay is likely to develop.

We want your child to have a beautiful and healthy smile and would love to see them here at 1300SMILES. If you would like them to access affordable, high-quality dental care, then please call or book online. Our friendly dental team are also here to answer all your questions, through our Live Chat or by phone.

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