Our wide range of dental services is something we are particularly proud of, as you will find just about any dental treatment you may need is offered by 1300SMILES. This does mean that you can be sure of receiving affordable quality dental services from a dental team who genuinely care about your dental health and who want you to enjoy having a beautiful and healthy smile. Our services range from general dental treatments, to the very latest preventative and restorative dental techniques that are designed to help your natural teeth last as long as possible.

About Our Practices

If you are unhappy with your smile, we can help you with our cosmetic dental services that will safely yet effectively improve the appearance of your teeth. Sometimes relatively little treatment may be required to improve your smile and every procedure recommended by our highly trained dentists will help you achieve your goals.

Can I Have Dental Implants At 1300SMILES?

We find an increasing number of people are interested in long-term solutions for tooth loss using the very latest dental implants offered by 1300SMILES. Our skilled dentists only use high quality, long-lasting dental implants and can comfortably restore missing teeth so you can eat and speak with complete confidence. Treatment can be used to replace single or multiple teeth, and we find dental implants are particularly helpful for stabilising loose dentures so there is no need for you to struggle with this problem.

As An Adult, Can I Straighten My Teeth?

As long as your teeth are healthy and strong then you may well benefit from the very popular adult orthodontics. We can offer affordable and high quality fixed braces that are specially designed to be discreet. Invisalign is a well-known and popular orthodontic system that will safely straighten teeth using virtually invisible clear, removable aligners.

I am Missing Teeth: Can 1300SMILES Restore Them?

We have several ways we can restore any teeth that might be missing. Dentures are still a popular and cost-effective method of replacing multiple missing teeth, while our beautiful bridges can effectively ‘bridge’ the gap left by lost teeth.

Can My Child Receive Dental Care At 1300SMILES?

We treat all ages and particularly welcome children as We Care about their dental health and know early dental care is incredibly important. Our dentists are great with children and can help even the most nervous child relax. You will find we offer a comprehensive range of high quality children’s dental treatments, including early treatment orthodontics with evaluations taking place as soon as age six or seven. Our children’s dental treatments focus on preventative dentistry, and we can help them learn healthy dental habits to last a lifetime. If your child is sports mad, then ask us about custom-made mouthguards as these help protect young teeth and jaws against knocks and blows, and may help prevent a lifetime of dental bills to restore broken or missing teeth.

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