Braces are designed to move your teeth into predetermined positions, creating a straighter, more attractive, and often healthier alignment. 1300SMILES is able to supply a comprehensive range of braces so when you visit us, we will suggest the most suitable options to treat your orthodontic problems. Possible choices include fixed and removable braces.

How Do Fixed And Removable Braces Work?

Fixed braces consist of brackets that are bonded onto your teeth and these are attached to wires that provide the tension required to move the teeth. Removable aligners are particularly popular and consist of a series of clear plastic mouth trays that fit tightly over the teeth, gently forcing them to move. Each mouth tray is worn for two weeks before being exchanged for the next set which will continue tooth movements.

Is Treatment Uncomfortable Or Painful?

You may experience some minor discomfort while wearing your brace as it is forcing your teeth to move. This is likely to occur when you first begin wearing your brace or when you have it adjusted but any discomfort will soon settle down.

Will I Need To Spend Ages On Oral Care?

Removable braces require little additional care as you remove them for brushing and flossing and will simply need to keep them clean. Fixed braces will need a bit more attention to make sure you clean thoroughly around the brackets and wires. We Care about your oral health and will offer personalised advice and instruction on how to look after your dental health and your braces during treatment. If you do have fixed braces, there is no need to worry as there are plenty of special tools designed to clean around this appliance and which will help make it easy to look after.

Will I Need To Wear A Retainer After Treatment Is completed?

You will almost certainly need to wear a retainer after your braces are removed. This is to allow time for your teeth to settle down and will prevent them from returning to their previous positions, preserving your newly straightened smile. Some retainers are fixed permanently onto the inner surfaces of teeth, while others are removable and are nearly invisible. There are several options and we can discuss the best choice with you.

Will I Need To Wear A Fixed Brace?

We provide both fixed and removable braces and will suggest the most suitable brace based on your needs. Removable braces can often be used for adult orthodontics and sometimes for older teenagers who will remember to wear their braces, as directed. However fixed braces can be a good choice for children and for adults with more complex issues to correct as they will be working continuously to straighten teeth. We know many people are concerned about the appearance of fixed braces, but these days this does not have to be the case. Often fixed braces can have clear or ceramic brackets that are attached to very thin or tooth coloured wires so they are extremely discreet. Children and teenagers may want to customise their fixed braces with colourful brackets and wires. There are plenty of options to choose from and there is something for everyone.

Will I Need To Watch What I Eat During Treatment?

If you have a removable brace you will not need to adjust your diet at all as you can take it out whenever you eat or drink something. If your braces are fixed then you will need to avoid sticky or hard foods that could damage the brace and which can be tricky to remove from the brackets and wires.

How Often Will I Need To See A Dentist?

We will need you to return to 1300SMILES at regular intervals during treatment. These appointments should be quite short but allow us to check treatment is progressing as we have planned and to make any necessary adjustments.

You probably have lots more questions about braces so why not call us to chat to our friendly dental team, or if you prefer try our Live Chat. Remember, you can spread the cost of treatment with our Vouchers.

Please note: Childrens Orthodontics may not be available at every 1300SMILES practice. Please ask us if you have a preferred practice location.

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