Every year there are thousands of dental injuries as a result of playing sports without a custom-made mouthguard. Quite often these injuries could have been significantly reduced or completely eliminated, saving you time and money in the dental chair. The cost of restoring teeth can mount up over a lifetime and a mouthguard can be an economical way to avoid the pain and distress of dental injuries.

I Do Not Play Contact Sports, So Do I Still Need A Mouthguard?

While contact sports may present the biggest risk of dental injuries, there are plenty of non-contact sports where you can still take a blow to the head. These sports include skiing, horse riding and gymnastics as well as skate boarding and netball. If there is any risk of injury then it is worth protecting your teeth and jaws.

How Long Will It Take For My Mouthguard To Be Fabricated?

We can make your custom-made mouthguard quite quickly without the need for lengthy dental appointments or dental injections. During your initial appointment, we will take a detailed impression of your mouth and this is used to make your new mouthguard in our dental laboratory. Every mouthguard is individually designed and is thickened to provide greater protection in critical areas while still being comfortable to wear. The fit of your mouthguard will be checked at your next visit and then it will be ready for you to wear.

Why Should I Choose A Custom Mouthguard?

We know it is possible to buy over-the-counter mouthguards relatively cheaply but this can create a false economy. These mouthguards tend to be ill-fitting and uncomfortable to wear and can often hinder breathing. Even worse, in the event of an accident they offer only minimal protection. Our custom-made mouthguards are strong, comfortable and are taste and odour free so you will feel much more inclined to wear your mouthguard while playing sports. They also come in a large range of colours and designs, so if you like you can customise your mouthguard.

How Should I Care For My New Mouthguard?

Looking after your mouthguard is easy as you will simply need to rinse it thoroughly after each use to keep it clean and fresh. We can provide a perforated container for you to safely store your mouthguard and you will need to keep it away from direct heat as this could cause it to distort. We will check the condition of your mouthguard during your regular appointments, just to ensure it still fits correctly and does not have any rips or tears.

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