Why 1300SMILES – our vision and values

1300SMILES is committed to providing and maintaining a workplace which ensures the health and safety of all employees. We believe in a transparent approach to dental services and we actively assist our teams in realising and maintaining a sense of personal achievement and a healthy balance to work, family and recreation.

We have a strong commitment to diversity, believing that it positively impacts employee engagement. We recognise and value the differences in individuals’ skills, experiences, perspectives, styles and attributes, in the context of cultural background, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religious belief, age, physical ability or otherwise.

Our culture is based on a legacy that embraces people and most importantly their passion. It is a culture built on, and reinforced by, our values which have been developed for the unique business model we operate.

These values are behavioural, aspirational and professional. They underpin our work practices and are supported by legal policies and procedures.

We also value and strongly support our triple ‘A’ vision of providing ‘Available, Accessible & Affordable’ dental services to our patients throughout Australia, with a definitive vision to provide quality dental care to 10% of Australia’s population by 2021.

Enthusiasm –

We’re enthusiastic, inspiring excellence in everything we do and everyone who works for us.

Integrity –

We are honest, trustworthy and committed to the highest standards of personal, professional and business behaviour. Our promise to our patients is to provide the very best dental care based on ethical diagnosis and to subsequently offer care and diligence to the highest level possible.

Respect & Equal Opportunity –

We treat each other with fairness, dignity and compassion and we embrace diversity. We are dedicated to our staff based on their abilities, not gender and provide reward that’s equal for all at their skill level.

Leadership –

As a company, in teams and as individuals, we use our wisdom, experience and knowledge to inspire and influence everyone to achieve their very best. Our founder and Managing Director is a very positive example to how 1300SMILES encourages leadership and success, receiving an OBE for his ongoing philanthropy and medical assistance to those less fortunate.

Education –

Providing ongoing learning opportunities is an important part of working for 1300SMILES. We believe that assisting individuals to achieve their full potential benefits us as a business long term as well as our patients.

Social responsibility –

Our positive and very public actions demonstrate our care, respect and compassion for our people, the broader community and the environment. We openly support a wide range of positive initiatives from local events promoting healthy activities through to donating time and financial support to YWAM Ships and their efforts to help those in Papua New Guinea. Where possible we are cutting the use of plastics and non-sustainable products for positive alternatives that we know will benefit both our communities, the greater population, our country and planet. We have set ourselves targets and impress our philosophy of change throughout 1300SMILES.

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