CDBS Eligibility

Who Is Eligible For CDBS?

Children aged between two and seventeen years old are able to be assessed for eligibility at the beginning of each calendar year for the entirety of the coming year. To be eligible, a child must qualify for Medicare, and they must be a part of a family who receives an applicable government payment, for example the Family Tax Benefit Part A.

If you have questions about CDBS, contact us through Live Chat or please phone us to talk to any of our friendly staff so we can answer all your queries.

How Can I Find Out If My Child Qualifies?

The most straightforward way is to access your Medicare account, either online at or you can call the Medicare General Enquiries line on 132 011. The next step is to contact 1300SMILES and let us know your child qualifies. We can then schedule an appointment for your child to discuss suitable treatment options for them, based on their dental health. We will also discuss any associated costs of these services, and you will need to sign a consent form before we provide any treatment. All treatment provided under CDBS is bulk-billed so you will not be out of pocket.

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