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We worry about the little things …

1300SMILES Ltd has a team of subject matter experts who are there to ‘worry about the little things’ while you focus on what you do best … Dentistry!

We run the practice including administration, finance, marketing, staffing, stock and equipment purchases and maintenance.

We have access to a variety of networks and provide support to improve your skills and knowledge.

1300SMILES Ltd has achieved the highest level of accreditation for all of our dental practices across Australia. We are the first dental group in Australia to undertake accreditation of all our practices in a single process.

Advantages Of Working With Us

Running your business from a 1300SMILES Ltd facility preserves and enhances the best things about being a Dentist.


Let’s talk facts

  • Be your own boss whilst we worry about the little things.
  • Professional support staff
  • Practices in multiple Australia wide locations

Quality Of Care

Practising within the 1300SMILES Ltd system provides the opportunity for you to deliver excellent care, whilst being supported by the company’s systems and facilities. First of all, you are free to actually deliver care, as you’re not bogged down with other tasks. After all, you’re not delivering any care at all while you’re trying to get the printer to work, or talking to the dental supplies

Second, efficiency in care delivery adds to the patient’s perception of quality. If efficient management means your patients are in the chair within minutes of their appointment times, those patients feel taken care of. If a patient needs a specific procedure and quality facilities help you to finish that procedure in ten minutes rather than twenty, the patient will be happy about it.

We have never heard any patient complain about not spending long enough in the Dentists chair.

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