• By 1300 SMILES
  • January 20, 2017

By Dr Dinesh Gunasinghe B.D.S.

A cosmetic smile makeover is the art of designing a new enhanced and aesthetically improved smile. Smile makeovers use a combination of porcelain veneers, composite veneers, crowns, teeth alignment, teeth whitening, dental implants or bridges and teeth whitening.

Do you have gaps, overlapped or irregular front teeth? Do you worry that your teeth are dark? Haven’t had a confident smile for a while? Are you shy to smile for photos?  You don’t have to worry anymore! At 1300SMILES Dentists we can help you with a full smile makeover to give you a beautiful smile.

If you have crooked teeth we have invisalign treatment available to straighten teeth. These are called clear braces and it is clear trays that used instead of ugly metal brackets or wires. No one will notice that you’re getting Orthodontic treatment done.

If you are a middle-aged person with dark chipped teeth in front and gaps between your teeth, our dentists can complete a same day smile makeover to give you a smile that you’ll love!

I bet you’re wondering ‘Is that expensive?’… 1300SMILES Dentists are committed to providing quality dentistry at affordable price. Your dentist can give you a few options to help you get the smile you always wanted.

Teeth whitening and a few composite veneers are a cost-effective way of correcting your smile. You can also have your teeth whitened in just one hour with our in-chair teeth whitening procedure. Your dentist can also veneer the front 6 teeth with composite filling material to make sure all your teeth are at the same level and straight.

Dr. Dinesh Gunasinghe B.D.S. is from our 1300SMILES Carseldine practice and has almost 10 years of general dentistry experience with a special interest in Cosmetic Dentistry. He is very passionate about improving the appearance of his patients’ smiles and providing excellent patient care.