• By 1300SMILES Densits
  • October 22, 2020

Oral Health Routine:

Brushing twice a day for 2mins, yea that’s good but do you want to take your oral health routine to the next level and really impress the Dentist at your next visit?

Well, try these 3 simple steps!

  1. Brushing
  2. Flossing
  3. Mouth Wash


Brushing is the foundation of an excellent oral health routine, but you have to get the most out of it!

The tops tips for brushing are following the three T’s;

  • Time
  • Technique
  • Tools


Brushing is great but if you aren’t doing it for long enough you won’t get the full effect. The best practice is to brush morning and night for a minimum of 2 minutes.

Brushing is the first step when it comes to cleaning your teeth as it removes plaque and debris. Plus, if you are using an effective toothpaste you will protect your teeth and gums between brushes!


Now time is nothing without technique!

If you aren’t brushing your teeth correctly for the 2 minutes what is the point right?

You should start at the back of your mouth with the toothbrush bristle at the gum line on an angle, start brushing in a circular motion. If you rub too hard from side to side, you could run the risk of your gums receding or even damaging your teeth!

Brush carefully along the inner and outer sides of your teeth and don’t forget the chewing surfaces!

It cannot be stressed enough! Don’t forget your tongue. Brushing your tongue can remove bacteria and helps keep your breath fresh and in some cases can even improve your taste!  


If you are using a toothbrush and the bristles are flared and stiff its time to replace it!

Make sure you are using a soft-bristled toothbrush with a flexible small head, that way you can get maximum manoeuvrability and get into those hard to reach places.

You can even try using an electric toothbrush, they often have an inbuilt 2-minute timer so you know when to stop!


Now that you have mastered brushing its time to Floss!

Flossing reaches what the brush cannot, it gets the nasty bacteria that builds up between your teeth and causes cavities and gum disease.

But like brushing you must do it correctly, here is a step by step guide!

  1. Take around 30cm of floss and wrap around your middle fingers and pull tight leaving about 5cm of floss to go between your teeth.
  2. Place the floss between your teeth and gently guide down rubbing both sides of your teeth.
  3. As the floss reaches your gums gently guide under the gum line at the base of your tooth. (Be careful not to jam the floss into your gum)
  4. Repeat the above going from tooth to tooth.

This is just a quick guide, so next time you are at the dentist ask them for tips and tricks when it comes to Flossing.

Mouth Wash:

To finish your routine find yourself an Australian Dental Association approved mouth wash at your local supermarket or chemist and rinse for 30 seconds.

Mouth wash is used to protect your teeth, gums and mouth and will often contain an antiseptic to kill off any harmful bacteria you may have missed.

The mouth wash will also leave your mouth feeling fresh after your routine!