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  • October 12, 2020

Immediate dentures are either full or partial dentures that are used as replacement teeth and given on the same day of the extraction.

These dentures ensure that you don’t have to be embarrassed about not having teeth when you leave the dental clinic. Thus, ensuring that you have teeth after the loss of your natural dentition in addition to aiding in the healing process of your gums. Immediate dentures, however, are temporary. This is because, after extractions of multiple teeth, the bone and gums heal which causes bone loss and gum resorption such as shrinkage after a few weeks. This results in the dentures to become loose-fitting of which will then require a reline after 2-3 months to enhance the fitting surface of the denture for better comfort.

There are three options you can consider when having your teeth removed:

Immediate Dentures:

An immediate denture is fitted at the time of the extraction of your natural teeth. Your denture is therefore made before your teeth are removed.

Delayed Immediate Denture:

The fabrication of the denture process begins after the teeth are removed, normally seven or eight days post-extraction. This option is only used when your natural teeth are in a position of compromise, too loose or over-erupted.

Conventional Denture:

Fabricated 6 months after your extractions to allow time for your gums to stop resorbing (shrinking) which will result in a better fitting and comfortable first denture.

Why should I go choose an immediate denture?

  • Effective space-filling – Immediate dentures are beneficial in replacing the spaces caused by missing teeth to help you feel more comfortable after getting your teeth extracted.
  • Promotes healing – Immediate dentures can assist in minimise bleeding gums after tooth extraction and promote the healing of your gums.
  • Same-day solution – You can get immediate dentures the same day that your teeth are extracted, ensuring you’ll have something to replace your missing teeth before leaving the dentist’s or dental specialist’s office.

How are Immediate Dentures made?

The fabrication of immediate dentures involves impressions of your mouth before your teeth are extracted. Our dental prosthetist will then construct a denture in the likeness of your teeth and make any necessary modifications that you want. Once your natural teeth are extracted, the dentist or dental specialist will then insert your immediate dentures in to replace the missing teeth. After the extraction and denture insertion, we have to wait for the gums to heal completely which takes approximately 3 months or more and then reline the denture to assure the accurate fit of the dentures. At times, depending on the shrinkage of the gums may need to fabricate a whole new denture. This is case-specific.

Dr Anish Upadhyay


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