• By 1300SMILES Densits
  • February 15, 2019

Take your sporting performance to the next level –

Every year there are thousands of dental injuries as a result of playing sports without a custom-made mouthguard. Quite often these injuries could have been significantly reduced or completely eliminated, saving you time and money in the dental chair. The cost of restoring teeth can mount up over a lifetime and a mouthguard can be an economical way to avoid the pain and distress of dental injuries.

Don’t risk your smile with an inferior mouthguard – make the choice of professionals with a Gameday Mouthguard for safety, quality, style and price.

If sport is your passion, then you know that there are no shortcuts to a quality performance. It’s the same with mouthguards, if you want high performance, great style and custom fit then traditionally it’s been high cost. The alternative has always been the ‘boil & bite’, how many times has this let you down by falling out when it’s needed most? Or, you try and talk only to hear a muffled and inaudible string of nonsense.

Gameday Mouthguards are taking the sports world by storm and whatever sport you’re passionate about we’re sure that there’s a Gameday Mouthguard ambassador to match.

Gameday Mouthguards are custom fitted to ensure maximum protection for your mouth and suitable for all ages – did you know that one third of all dental trauma or injuries are caused by a sporting related activity? Figures show that 75% of all oral injuries, during a sporting activity, were due to a mouthguard not being worn! The cost of a custom fitted Gameday Mouthguard is a very small investment to your sports kit, dental procedures to correct broken teeth or mouth injuries can be incredibly expensive and with a mouthguard can so easily be avoided.

Gameday mouthguards are perfect for protection against:
  • Damage to teeth and gums
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Damage to cheeks
  • Tongue trauma
  • Jaw displacement
  • Jaw injury
  • Protection of implants, crowns or veneers
  • Securing braces (if they cannot be removed)
  • Protection of bridges
  • Biting and piercing lips

With low costs and fast turnaround of your custom mouthguard you will be ready to compete at the highest of levels knowing that your smile is being protected. Want style … then with up to three colour combinations you can transform a mouthguard into something that’s both practical and stylish too.

Performance without compromise don’t put your smile at risk, contact your local 1300SMILES Practice today to get you custom fitted Gameday mouthguard.