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  • April 6, 2021

Dentist in the Spotlight

Dr Mark Bien Bico

Welcome everyone to the April edition of 1300SMILES Dentist in the spotlight series. In this edition, we were able to sit down with Dr Mark Bien Bico from 1300SMILES Mackay. Dr Mark is a North Queensland product and James Cook University alumni. Dr Mark has recently returned to Mackay after graduating and has commenced his career with the 1300SMILES Mackay family.

Dr Mark, it’s great to speak with you today, as is a common theme we will start off with a bit of a get to know you question, so tell us about what made you want to become a Dentist?

Dr Mark: Before moving to Mackay in 2009, I have lived in the Philippines where healthcare facilities were limited. This motivated me to take up a career in the healthcare field. Being a dentist is both challenging and rewarding. I love helping fix patients smiles and I get instant gratification knowing that I have helped my patients improve their confidence by fixing their smiles.

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So, from a young age, you wanted to be in the healthcare field and were captivated if you will by the challenging and rewarding a career in dentistry could bring. So as a North Queensland local, you told yourself a career in dentistry is what I want to peruse, how do you describe that journey to others in the same situation?

Dr Mark: My path to becoming a dentist was challenging and involved a lot of hard work and dedication. I studied for five years in Cairns to be a dentist and as part of this, I was able to do placements in Cairns, Townsville, and Mackay where I learned to treat a variety of patients and manage simple and complex cases.

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Dr Mark Bien Bico – Graduating from James Cook University.

I can really see that you are extremely passionate about dentistry and patient care and just dedicated yourself and went for it! If you had to boil it down now that you have graduated and started working in the industry what would you say your favourite thing about being a dentist is?

Dr Mark: Dentistry is challenging, and I am always up for a challenge. There is always something new to learn every day. I love being able to help people and give them an experience that is pain-free.

If a potential patient is reading this now and like me can see how passionate you are and how you value patient care, and they want to book in with Dr Mark what would you tell them your four specialist treatments are?

Dr Mark:

  1. Check-ups
  2. Preventative Dentistry
  3. Restorative Dentistry
  4. Extractions

Ok so, for your potential patients who are reading this very blog that have seen your journey and want a peek behind the curtain and learn about what is Dr Mark like away from the dental chair would you tell them your passions are?

Dr Mark: I like travelling and exercising. I am very family-focused having grown up in the Philippines and love spending time with them on the weekends.

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And there you have it, everyone a sneak peek into the life and motives of Dr Mark, I would like to thank Dr Mark for taking the time to answer our questions.

If you are wanting to book your appointment with Dr Mark don’t hesitate to call the 1300SMILES Mackay practice on 07 4957 5354 or click the link here to book online HERE.

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