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  • March 9, 2021

Dentists in the Spotlight

Dr Fay Callaghan

Welcome everyone to the first edition of 1300SMILES Dentist in the Spotlight, this series will give you a sneak peek into the lives of the 1300SMILES Dental team. To commence this series, we were extremely lucky to sit down with 1300SMILES Cairns Smithfield’s very own Dr Fay Callaghan.

Dr Fay has been with the 1300SMILES family for 2 years now and was gracious enough to give us a peek behind the curtain and some insight into her personal dental journey and her passions away from the dental chair.

So, Dr Fay let’s begin with a simple question, what inspired you to become a Dentist?

Dr Fay:  I was always quite fascinated by going to the Dentist and two of my Aunts were Dentists, so the profession was definitely within our family. I did some work experience with one of my Aunts whilst at school and thought dentistry would be a great choice for me – a perfect mix of science and art.

Dr Fay Grad

Dr Fay Callaghan’s graduation from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

That sounds so peculiar to me! I like many others I’m sure would have been so nervous when visiting the Dentist at a young age. But for you to be able to have that goal and drive to become a Dentist so young is amazing. It must have taken you on quite a journey, how would you describe your journey from then to now?

Dr Fay: A lot of hard work! 5 years at dental school was extremely full on but also a lot of fun. I graduated from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in the north east of England in 2005 and spent 10 years working in various part of the UK before emigrating over to Australia with my husband in 2015. We spent the first 5 years in Sydney before relocating to north Queensland in 2019.

Untitled Design (1)

Dr Fay Callaghan and her husband Chris meeting head chef Peter Gilmore at Quay Restaurant in Sydney

That is an amazing journey you have been on Dr Fay and making the move to Australia must have been a massive decision for you and your partner to make! So now that you have been a professional in the dental industry for over 16 years what would you say your favourite part is about being a Dentist?

Dr Fay: I love how no two days are the same and each day challenges me in a different way. Being able to restore function and give patients beautiful smiles is incredibly rewarding. Patients are often surprised how painless this is these days with all the technology and materials we have available to us in modern dentistry and that just makes my job even more satisfying.

Now for the readers out there who are wanting to book their appointment with Dr Fay Callaghan and take that step in transforming their smile are you able to tell us your four specialist treatments, excluding general dentistry of course.

Dr Fay:

  1. Cosmetic short-term orthodontics – clear aligners and cosmetic braces,
  2. Veneers – composite and ceramic,
  3. Crowns and bridges,
  4. Full mouth rehabilitation.

Let’s forget about dentistry for the moment, when you aren’t beside the dental chair transforming smiles what are your passions?

Dr Fay: Travel and food are my two big passions and I often say if I were not a dentist, I would love to be either a travel writer or food critic. I love going to new places, experiencing different cultures and discovering new restaurants. I am also a keen snowboarder and horse rider and both of these interests have taken me to some amazing places around the world. Music is also a huge part of my life and I play the violin and piano – the perfect escapism after a hard day’s work. 

Dr Fay Snowboarding (1)

Dr Fay Callaghan snowboarding in Avoriaz, France.

There you have it everyone the first edition of Dentist in the Spotlight, I want to say a massive thank you to Dr Fay for taking the time to answer our questions.

If you are wanting to book your appointment with Dr Fay don’t hesitate to call the 1300SMILES Cairns Smithfield practice on 07 4038 1300 or click the link here to book online here.

You can stay up to date with our Dentist in the spotlight series by following our LinkedIn page we are aiming to get more content out for you.

Until next time!