• By 1300SMILES Densits
  • September 14, 2020

1300SMILES Dentists and NQ Football join forces to offer free school program – 1300SMILES Active.

NQ Football, the governing body of soccer in the north, together with 1300SMILES Dentists have developed a school-based program 1300SMILES Active, which will be offered for free to participating children.

This free program will promote soccer at a grassroots level, for children aged 6-12 aimed at developing skills and increasing physical activity.

“Grassroots is where our stars are born and where we discover our love of the game, without it the sport of soccer in this country would have little future,” said 1300SMILES Dentists Managing Director, Daryl Holmes.

“We are thrilled to offer soccer to those children who may not have experienced playing the game through a fully inclusive school-based program running during all four terms of school,” added Daryl.

Across the region, soccer is a well-supported sport, with more than 300 games each week being played and 8,030 registered players, coaches and managers representing Cairns all the way through to the Burdekin.

“The 1300SMILES Active Program will be manned by FFA Licenced Football Coach and ex A-League player, Matt Ham with an emphasis on developing skills, playing games, all within the 1300SMILES Active inflatable pitch. A future Socceroo or Matilda could be discovered through this program,” said NQ Football General Manager, Declan Carnes.

Currently, the program will deliver six (6) school sessions a week in Townsville and four (4) in Cairns, with bookings increasing every week. Schools are encouraged to contact the NQ Football office to register their interest.