Getting a Root Canal Therapy in Cammeray 

You might be nervous about receiving a root canal therapy. Many Cammeray patients are hesitant to schedule a root canal surgery because they expect it to be very painful. However, the therapy is probably not going to be nearly as uncomfortable as you think. Our dentists are trained to provide root canals with minimal pain and discomfort.

Why Would You Need a Root Canal?

Root canals are performed when the pulp of your tooth has been infected. Symptoms of these infections lead to pain and swelling. The pain is often moderate and dull at first, but it can become sharper and more severe as the infection progresses.

Sources of these infections include the following:

  • Trauma to the tooth
  • Advanced stages of tooth decay
  • A loose filling
  • Grinding of the enamel
  • Periodontal disease

When the infection becomes severe enough, a root canal might be the only possible treatment.

Getting a Root Canal Therapy in Cammeray

Most of the pain associated with the therapy is due to the infection itself. You will actually feel a lot better after the treatment is finished.

The experienced dentists at 1300SMILES use modern equipment and anaesthetics to provide treatment as quickly and painlessly as possible.

A root canal therapy should not be any more uncomfortable than receiving a filling. We will give you the reassurance that you need to feel more relaxed about your procedure.

You also won’t need to take a number of trips to the dentist. In the past, a root canal required a number of dental visits. Modern dental technology has simplified the process. You can complete your root canal in just a few visits.

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Do you think that you need a root canal? You don’t need to be worried. Our dentists are trained to provide exceptional, comfortable service. We look forward to assisting you.

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