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Do you need a dental crown or bridge in Buderim? 1300 Smiles will be happy to assist you!

Why we offer dental crowns and bridges to Buderim residents

Crowns and dental bridges are used for a variety of dental problems. Here are some reasons you might need a dental crown or a bridge:

  • Your tooth was fractured in an accident. You might not need a crown for a small chip, but you will run into serious dental problems if a large chunk of your tooth is broken. Dental crowns can be used to fix fractured teeth.
  • Your teeth might be worn down due to grinding or eating hard food over the years. Dental crowns can help compensate for lost enamel.
  • Dental crowns might be needed after a major surgery, such as a large filling or root canal.

The dentists at 1300 Smiles have a lot of experience using crowns and bridges for our valued patients. They make sure you only get them if you really need them since they are not inexpensive. However, if a crown or bridge is necessary, they will do the job right.

We will inspect your mouth carefully before making any recommendations. We will make sure that we have an accurate diagnosis and consider all possible treatment options.

We understand that the cost of dental bridges and crowns is a concern for some patients. We make sure that they are as affordable as possible. We strongly believe that all patients should have access to the dental care they need, including durable, lasting dental crowns and bridges.

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