YWAM Outreach Program

New YWAM Patrol Tender proudly sponsored by 1300SMILES (Oct’16 onwards) – with more than double the previous Zodiac carrying capacity, this new Tender allows healthcare volunteers access to more remote villages, islands & areas where the mother-ship cannot access due to depth & manoeuvrability, exponentially expanding access & reach to so many more people in urgent need.

1300SMILES Ltd’s Managing Director, Dr Daryl Holmes performing urgent & much-needed emergency dental care on a mobile dental chair/unit (a 15kg backpack mechanism – called an I-Dent chair) on one of the very remote islands off the S-E tip of PNG (Nov’16)

Ditto above – Daryl performing much-needed emergency dental care on-board the MV YWAM PNG Medical/Dental Ship (Nov’16)

The MV YWAM PNG Ship with tender boats heading off to outer remote islands & areas of PNG on daily medical outreaches & assistance, to the very poor & needy villagers of PNG.

The magnificent YWAM Medical/Dental Ship moored at beautiful, but very remote Kiriwina Island, Milne Bay, PNG during Nov’16 whilst on medical outreach there & surrounding areas/islands

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