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Want to work as a Dentist in Australia? Below are some things to consider before you apply:

ADC (Australian Dental Council)

Are you a qualified overseas Dentist? Do you intend to migrate and work in this profession in Australia? If yes, you must complete the ADC examination to be eligible for professional registration (if applicable).

The ADC is the governing body that assesses if an overseas Dentist has the appropriate standard of knowledge, skills and attitude to deliver safe and effective dentistry practices in Australia.

More information can be found at


For all immigration or Visa enquiries, please visit

AHPRA (Australia Health Practitioner Regulation Agency)/Dental Board of Australia

What is AHPRA? AHPRA supports the 14 National Boards that are responsible for regulating the health professions. The primary role of the National Boards is to protect the public and they set standards and policies that all registered health practitioners must meet. More information can be found at

Tax File Number (TFN)

A Tax File Number (TFN) is an 8 or 9 digit number issued by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to each taxpayer (individual, company, superannuation fund, partnership or trust). Your TFN is a unique number that the ATO give you to help them manage tax and other government services.

Taxpayers lodge a tax return at the end of every financial year. A financial year is from July 1st until June 30th of the following year. A new taxpayer receives a tax file number within about a month of making an application and providing proof of identity. If you don’t obtain a TFN, tax is legally required to be withheld from payments at the top marginal rate and sent to the ATO (this could be a minimum of 46% of your income). The money withheld is a prepayment of tax. We strongly advise you to apply for a TFN in order to avoid having to pay more tax than what is required based on your income.

More information can be found at—application-for-individuals/.

Professional Indemnity Insurance – ADA (Australian Dental Association)

Medical professionals must hold Professional Indemnity Insurance in respect for your work as a Dentist for cover of at least ten million dollars ($10,000,000.00). You cannot practice in Australia until a Certificate of Currency has been provided or documentation, in writing, from your insurer to confirm you are covered.

For your Professional Indemnity Insurance, please consider the Australian Dental Association (ADA). Information can be found on their website. Becoming a member of the Australian Dental Association is highly regarded and recommended by 1300SMILES Ltd. The ADA offer competitive pricing for Professional Indemnity Insurance to their members. More information can be found at

Dental Board of Australia

The Dental Board of Australia is responsible for initial registrations of all Dentists, Dental Specialists, Dental Therapists, Dental Hygienists and Oral Health Therapists who practice within Australia.

Depending on your qualifications, there are a number of options to obtain AHPRA registration.

More information can be found at

Medicare Provider Numbers/Medicare PBS No/Health Funds/HICAPS

1300SMILES Ltd will forward application forms to you for signing. Please ensure you return them back to us as soon as possible. Applications will be processed once your registration has been confirmed with AHPRA.

Some applications may take up to 10-15 days to process. This is due to certain applications having different lodgement timeframes (i.e. cannot lodge a Medicare PBS form without a Medicare provider number issued).

What is a Medicare Provider Number? To work as a doctor in Australia, you will need to have a Medicare provider number when working in the private health sector. This number allows your patients to claim Medicare rebates for the services you provide

Practitioners must have a provider number for all of our 1300SMILES practices. A Medicare provider number uniquely identifies both you and the place of business.

Personal Medical/Health Insurance

You will require this for your Visa approval. For any further enquiries, please visit

Australian Business Register

If you are a self-employed Dentist, you will require an Australian Business Number.

More information at

Australia is a great place to live & work