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If your child loves playing sports then you probably want to do all you can to encourage this healthy habit, but contact sports and indeed non-contact sports can put them at risk of a dental injury. We see lots of children each year who have damaged their teeth, or even worse have knocked out a tooth completely while participating in sports.

How Could Wearing A Mouthguard Help?

These types of injuries can be avoided or their severity minimised with the use of a custom-made mouthguard. It can be upsetting for a child and their parents to have to deal with a dental injury and even worse, it could mean they face a lifetime of dental bills in restoring or replacing damaged teeth. In many countries mouthguards are mandatory when playing certain sports. Although this is not the case in Australia, We Care and want your child to avoid dental injuries.

How Long Will My Child’s Mouthguard Last?

We will check the condition of your child’s mouthguard at every appointment as their teeth and jaws will still be growing and developing, and it is important to make sure their mouthguard still fits correctly. Our dentists will also check it for any rips or tears. As your child grows up, you will need to replace their mouthguard periodically. It is well worth the small costs involved in regularly replacing it, as 1300SMILES mouthguards offer affordable, high quality protection to help keep them safe during sports.

What Is The Advantage Of Having A Custom Mouthguard?

Our custom-made mouthguards offer a superior level of protection which far exceeds anything you can buy over-the-counter. Each mouthguard is individually designed to offer maximum protection while your child enjoys playing sports. Their mouthguard will be odourless and tasteless, and it will not obstruct their breathing. Instead, it will be comfortable to wear so they will be far more likely to use it. Our mouthguards are made from a tough thermoplastic material that is very hardwearing, and thickened in critical areas for additional protection. If your child does take a knock to the head, then the damage will be far less while wearing a custom-made mouthguard. To make it more interesting, our mouthguards come in a range of colours and designs so your child can get involved in deciding which look they like the best.

Need a mouthguard?

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