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In-chair teeth whitening in Waterloo

When your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, it’s natural to want to make it look as good as possible. One of the most effective ways to achieve a whiter smile is with in-chair teeth whitening. At 1300 Smiles, we provide in-chair teeth whitening to our Waterloo patients. Using industry-renowned solutions that you can’t find in non-dental settings, we’ll give you the dazzling Hollywood smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Creating the perfect smile with in-chair teeth whitening

Before your teeth whitening journey begins, we’ll assess your oral health. The whitening solutions we use are safe, but you’ll need to address any problems such as gum disease before using them.

We’ll then use a chart to plan your potential results. We always aim for a natural look, while ensuring your teeth look bright. From there, we can create a solution that’s safe for us to use in a dental setting. You’ll also benefit from a custom-made mouthguard that ensures the solution distributes evenly across your teeth and doesn’t touch your gums.

Providing you stay away from foods and drink that can stain your teeth, the results of your whitening should last for a few months. With the right approach, you can make your teeth whitening last longer.

Making your teeth whitening last longer

Once you see the results of your in-chair teeth whitening, you’ll want to make them last. We recommend avoiding drinks that stain, especially red wine and coffee. Over time, their colouring gathers on your teeth and darkens them. Eating heavily-stained food and smoking will also make them darker.

You can also ask us about touch-up appointments and returning to have your teeth whitened again. We assess each patient individually, which means some require more touch-ups than others. With consistent effort, you can maintain the Hollywood smile of your dreams.

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