Surgical Removal of Teeth Toowoomba

Surgical removal of teeth in Toowoomba

The surgical removal of teeth can become necessary for lots of reasons. When an everyday extraction won’t do the job, you need a slightly more invasive procedure. At 1300 Smiles, we perform surgical tooth removals for patients throughout Toowoomba. Our team will do everything they can to put you at ease, and we’ll provide you with the right anaesthesia for your case. You’ll also receive aftercare that will minimise the risk of infection.

Why surgically removing teeth is necessary

Surgically removing one of your teeth may become necessary when the tooth in question hasn’t yet broken the gum line. Common reasons include:

  • Your teeth are shifting
  • They’re causing problems with your jaw
  • Your tooth is damaged and can’t be removed or repaired cleanly
  • You have baby teeth that haven’t broken through
  • You have an impacted wisdom tooth
  • You need to create room for other teeth before having braces

We always assess each patient on a case-by-case basis. During your assessment, we’ll perform a thorough analysis of your dental and medical history. We’ll then make our recommendation for treatment and discuss your anaesthesia options with you.

Providing safe surgical tooth extractions

Your comfort and wellbeing are important to us at all times. On the day of the procedure, we’ll numb the area surrounding the tooth adequately. Although you may feel some pressure while we’re removing it, you won’t feel any pain.

If you require a surgical extraction, we may need to make a small incision in your gum. Afterwards, we’ll put a small stitch in there and provide you with aftercare advice. You’ll need to bite down on a piece of gauze for around 30 minutes to encourage a blood clot to form. Your dentist will provide you with advice on pain management, and they may offer you antibiotics to prevent an infection.

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