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Dentures in Toowoomba

When you have several teeth missing, you may notice an impact on your quality of life. In addition to forming your smile, your teeth make an important contribution to the way you talk and how you eat. Suffering from missing teeth also means the remaining teeth lack the support they need, which can cause more oral health problems further down the line. At 1300 Smiles, we provide dentures to our Toowoomba patients.

The benefits of installing dentures

The biggest benefit of installing dentures is the positive impact on your appearance. You’ll notice an immediate cosmetic difference. As your dentures will protect the teeth around them and provide them with structural support, you’ll experience ongoing cosmetic benefits too.

Many of our patients find that dentures are an affordable option. They’re the most cost-effective way to replace teeth, and they’re not too invasive.

The process of getting dentures

Your journey to getting dentures will begin with a review of your oral health. Making sure your gums are in good health is particularly important. We’ll then use some putty to take an impression of your mouth. The impression we take will be used by a technician to create your dentures. We may need to make some modifications before the dentures are perfect.

You can choose between partial and full dentures. Partial dentures are ideal when you have a few teeth missing, and they’re spaced apart. Complete dentures work well when you have a few teeth missing that are close together.

Once your dentures are in place, we’ll provide you with information on caring for them. It’s essential to maintain an excellent oral hygiene routine. Not only will you prevent further dental problems, but you’ll also ensure your dentures remain intact. We’ll also offer advice on how to identify when they’re no longer fitting and what to do when you take them out.

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