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Your oral health is very important. You need to get regular dental checkups to identify any issues that need to be corrected.

1300 Smiles offers dental checkups to Buderim residents. We are known for providing exceptional service to all of our patients.

Reasons to get dental checkups in Buderim

There are many reasons regular dental checkups are important. These benefits include:

  • You can identify dental complications in the early stages so that you can take proper preventive measures.
  • You can get rid of plaque before it builds up and causes tooth decay or gum disease. Your dentist can identify the extent of the plaque and the treatment needed to remove it.
  • You can get x-rays to see if you have any small cavities. These cavities can be missed with traditional exams.

You will have peace of mind knowing whether or not you have any serious dental issues.

Why you should see 1300 Smiles for dental checkups in Buderim

Why should you visit 1300 Smiles over other dental offices? We are known for providing high-quality, professional and courteous care. Our patients trust us to identify issues early on and provide a sound treatment plan. Our diagnosis can prevent discomfort and minimise the need for costly treatments in the future.

Our dentists will complete the checkup carefully. Your oral health is very important to us; we will look for signs of tooth decay, gum disease and other dental concerns. We will then recommend any appropriate treatments that we deem necessary. We are very thorough and committed to delivering the highest quality of care to every patient.

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When you need a dental checkup, you can always count on the esteemed professionals at 1300 Smiles. We are highly committed to serving every patient. You can reach us at 1300 764 537.

We look forward to taking your call!

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