Benefits Of Joining  1300SMILES

Why Join 1300SMILES

1300SMILES provides facilities and practice management services to dentists. These services enable you to run your business for superior financial return and at the same time enjoy a more satisfying life. We are experts at providing the facilities and support you need to focus on what you do best–real dentistry—without the endless hassles of looking after your premises, leases, billing, staff, and all the unproductive administrative issues which take up so much of your time. We continually seek additional dentists to run their businesses from 1300SMILES facilities. Dentists can either locate their businesses within an existing company facility or from a new facility which the company will establish–at no expense to you–in any viable location in Australia.

Focus on dentistry

Use your expert skills as a dentist and leave the administrative chores to others. Take this freedom and decide whether to make more money for the same hours or to have more free time on the same income.

Support for your practice

1300SMILES offers a comprehensive range of support services to your practice. Our experienced team is here to provide consultative support as you request it and assist with the continued growth of your practice and streamlining of business operations. Our Business Support Unit is always just a phone call away and your practice will have a dedicated expert in the field who will facilitate support for your practice. Our support services include, but are not limited to:

  • Accounts Payable – Payment of Supplier Invoices
  • Payroll – Payment of Staff
  • Payroll – Principal Dentist and Associate Dentist
  • Finance – Practice Reporting
  • Operation – Practice Support
  • Human Resource Support
  • Marketing
  • Information Technology
  • Networking, Training and Development
  • Graduate Placement Program
  • Supplier Purchasing System – Group Buying Power


Enjoy the expert management 1300 SMILES staff are experts in accurate, efficient, effective practice management. You can conduct your practice with complete confidence that all of the back office functions will be completed correctly and on time. Staff scheduling is crisp and professional. You’ll never spend your time rushing to find a replacement nurse or receptionist. 1300SMILES staff ensure that your business flows seamlessly.

Maintain your patient relationships

Your patients are yours, and you can build the sort of lifetime relationships which give your day-to-day life fabric and meaning. At the same time, the scale of the company’s operation is such that if one of your patients has an out-of hours emergency, another dentist is rostered on to look after such calls, so your weekends and holidays are yours to enjoy. The large number of dentists using the company’s services means that your ‘on-call weekends’ are widely spaced.

Interact with peers

One of the best things about life within the 1300SMILES system is the opportunity to have daily interaction with a wide variety of peers. Dentists working from 1300SMILES facilities refer actively among themselves, allowing individual dentists to develop special interests. Younger dentists have the chance to expand their skills, learn advanced techniques, and benefit from the experience of the more senior dentists with whom they are in daily contact. Older dentists have the satisfaction of knowing that their skills have been passed on to the same dentists who will one day look after their patients. This peer interaction is achieved without any commitment to a partnership or other equity arrangement.

Existing practices

1300SMILES seeks to incorporate existing practices into our system. We have extensive experience helping dentists free of the shackles of small business ownership, and we would be pleased to show you how we can help you. Sometimes the catalyst for speaking to us is one of the following:

  • general dissatisfaction with the course of your life
  • retirement of a partner
  • your urge to pursue a special interest
  • your sea-change desire to live and work in a more agreeable environment

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