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Thank you for your interest to participating in 1300SMILES Ltd Work Experience program. We are committed to providing a valuable contribution to the community; we will do all that we can to make this experience a great learning environment where you can gain valuable skills and experience to excel in your chosen career path.

1300SMILES Ltd owns and operates full-service dental facilities at its sites in the ten major population centres in Queensland and also in Adelaide, South Australia. The company continually seeks to expand its presence into other geographical areas throughout Australia. It does so both by establishing its own new operations and by acquiring existing dental practices. The administrative and corporate offices are in Townsville.

We offer exceptional career opportunities and professional experience whether you are just starting out, at the peak of your career or planning retirement, while working in one of the world’s top holiday destinations. All 1300SMILES Ltd. locations offer a truly envious lifestyle with stunning climate, incredible beaches and the opportunity to enjoy an outdoor and active way of life.

We encourage our dentists to work on a self-employed basis, where they can participate in certain performance bonus schemes.

There is also the opportunity for greater community involvement through our involvement with YWAM Medical Ships, providing sustainable community development with a focus on healthcare in Papua New Guinea. 1300SMILES Ltd. is proud to support this cause by providing equipment, supplies, and volunteer dentists.

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