• By 1300 SMILES
  • September 20, 2018

Nervous for the dentist –

How 1300SMILES can help even the most nervous person and make them smile.

Are you putting off going to the dentist because you have a fear or phobia? Is having a great smile being held back because of this? Then you really need to come to 1300SMILES where going to the dentist is like going to see an old friend.

The most common fears

Believe it or not the fear of going to the dentist has not changed in a great many years.


The most popular fear is ‘pain’, many think that they will endure a painful experience. Actually, we need to dispel this myth, as it’s one that belongs to old horror films and dental surgeries from the 1800’s. Modern dental techniques are very pain free and those that may incur some discomfort are normally accompanied by modern pain relief.

If pain is really your nemesis then how about ‘twilight sedation’ or ‘sleep dental’? They are both the same thing and involve being gently sedated to the point where you fall asleep. When you awake all your dental treatment will have been performed without you feeling a thing.

The smell

Sometimes, it’s the clinical smell that can evoke certain memories. The smell of disinfectant or cleaning solutions can make some people rather nauseous. Well again sorry to spoil your preconceived expectations, but, most modern cleaning solutions have little or very low odour. At 1300SMILES we not only ensure that our practices are scrupulously clean but that we keep odours to a minimum. Please also think of our dentists and practice teams too, they have to work in that environment every day, so we work hard to make things pleasant for everyone.

The noise

How many times have you heard people say that the reason they don’t like going to the dentist is because of the noise, the dreaded drill! That high pitched buzz is almost akin to the fear of a high pitched whine from a mosquito. Well yet again thank goodness for technology, advancements in dental tools means most instruments and tools are practically silent. The loudest noise will be probably be the ticking of the surgery clock.

How we help at 1300SMILES – what makes us different?

At all 1300SMILES practices you will be greeted by a smiling face, someone warm and friendly. They love their job and will help make your dental experience one of joy not fear.

There’s things to read and watch too, you’ll never be bored in our waiting rooms, which are all open and airy places. There’s colouring pencils and activities for kids too so never worry about taking them along, in fact, we encourage children to our practices.

Then in the treatment rooms you’ll find a television on the ceiling or relaxing music played whilst your there. All of our Dentists and Dental Assistants will also put you at ease, remember, this is their job they want you to have a good experience so you’ll come back again!

Plus, if you keep your twice yearly check-up then any issues with your oral health will be spotted quickly and an early diagnosis means less costly treatments longer term.

Overall going to the dentists is now a very enjoyable experience and one that will leave you smiling with joy and confidence. Bring your smile back to life with 1300SMILES dentists.