$1 A Day Dentistry

Here at 1300SMILES We Care about your dental health and believe that everyone should enjoy access to affordable quality dental care when they need it. We know that it can sometimes be a burden financially to cover the cost of dental care, and this is why we chose to introduce the $1 a Day Dental Care Plan which covers the full cost of your preventative dental care.

This plan will give you access to preventative dental care when you need it, and all you have do is make twelve, easy interest-free payments by direct debit. There is no need for any credit checks. If you receive any health fund rebates then these will go straight back to you.

Care Plan TreatmentsUsual PriceCare Plan Price
2 x dental examinations$110.0026 easy fortnightly
payments of $14.99
2 x hygiene treatments including scale and clean$210.00
2 x dental X-rays$85.00
2 x fluoride treatments$80.00
Your discount$0.00-$95.26
You pay total$485.00$389.74

What Are The Benefits Of This Dental Plan?

You will not have to worry about finding money to cover the costs of your regular dental examinations, hygiene treatments, fluoride treatments and dental x-rays as all these procedures will be covered under your $1 a Day Dental Plan. This means you will be able to book regular preventative dental care appointments and can have the comfort of knowing all costs are already covered.

As well as spreading the cost, the scheme will save you approximately $200 annually as it provides you with a 40% discount off the cost a check-up. If you do require treatment then you will receive a further 10% discount off all of our other treatments by being a part of this Plan.

Do you have more questions? Contact us by phone or through Live Chat for additional information.

Which Treatments Are Covered Under This Plan?

For just $30 a month you will receive two dental examinations, two hygiene treatments (including a scale and clean), two fluoride treatments and two dental x-rays each year so you can see us every six months. There is a small, one-off joining fee that becomes payable upon activation of the plan.

What Are The Advantages Of Regular Preventative Dentistry?

By seeing our friendly and caring dental team just twice a year for preventative dental care, you will help lower your risk of dental emergencies. We can soon detect any small signs that something is wrong, and at a stage when treatment will be easier, faster and cheaper. It is the ideal and most cost effective way to preserve your natural teeth. Our $1 a Day Care Plan will give you peace of mind, and is perfect for singles, couples and families of any ages.

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